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JBTM 15.1 Spring 2018

Editorial Introduction (JBTM 15.1)
by Adam Harwood

Credo v. Certo Baptism: How Delaying Baptism May Change its Meaning from Profession of Faith to Evidence of Salvation
by Rustin Umstattd
George Beasley-Murray on the Meaning and Practice of Baptism
by Justin Nalls
Form and Substance: Baptist Ecclesiology and the Regulative Principle
by Scott Aniol
Hermenuetical Problem? Homiletical Opportunity!
by R. Larry Overstreet
Pericope-by-Pericope: Transforming Disciples into Christ's Likeness through the Theological Interpretation of Scripture
by Gregory K. Hollifield
Romans 9 and the Calvinist Doctrine of Reprobation
by Eric Hankins
Southern Baptist Openness to and Departure from Ecumenism
by Ray Wilkins
Spiritual Warfare: A Strategic Guide
by Lance Beauchamp

All Things in Common: The Economic Practices of the Early Christians. By Roman A. Montero.
by Benjamin Browning
An Anomalous Jew: Paul among the Jews, Greeks, and Romans. By Michael F. Bird.
by Wayne Cornett
The Apostle Paul: His Life, Thought, and Letters. By Stanley E. Porter.
by Norris C. Grubbs
The Beginning of Baptist Ecclesiology: The Foundational Contributions of Thomas Helwys. By Marvin Jones.
by Joseph E., Jr. Early
Biblical Doctrine: A Systematic Summary of Bible Truth. Edited by John MacArthur and Richard Mayhue.
by Adam Harwood
Christ Alone–The Uniqueness of Jesus As Savior: What the Reformers Taught . . . and Why It Still Matters. By Stephen Wellum. In The Five Solas Series, edited by Matthew Barrett.
by Walter Johnson
The Cradle, the Cross, and the Crown: An Introduction to the New Testament. 2nd edition. Edited by Andreas J. Köstenberger, L. Scott Kellum, and Charles L. Quarles.
by Jason P. Kees
Exile: A Conversation with N. T. Wright. Edited by James M. Scott.
by Michael Gill
God and Soul Care: The Therapeutic Resources of the Christian Faith. By Eric L. Johnson.
by Ashley Brooks
The Historical Reliability of the New Testament: Countering the Challenges to Evangelical Christian Beliefs. By Craig L. Blomberg. In B&H Studies in Christian Apologetics, edited by Robert B. Stewart.
by Jesse B. Coyne
The Love of God: A Canonical Model. By John C. Peckham.
by Donald Kim
Luke's Christology of Divine Identity. By Nina Henrichs-Tarasenkova. In Library of New Testament Studies 542.
by Kyle Taft
Matthew. By Charles L. Quarles. In Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament, edited by Andreas J. Köstenberger and Robert W. Yarbrough.
by Ron Lindo
The Message of Worship: Celebrating the Glory of God in the Whole of Life. By John Risbridger. In The Bible Speaks Today, edited by Derek Tidball.
by Jessica P. McMillan
The Mosaic of Christian Belief: Twenty Centuries of Unity and Diversity. 2nd edition. By Roger E. Olson.
by Warren McWilliams
NIV Faithlife Study Bible. By Faithlife.
by David Champagne
The Old Testament for the 21st Century: A Concise Guide. By R. Kelvin Moore.
by Ron Lindo
Preaching as Reminding: Stirring Memory in an Age of Forgetfulness. By Jeffrey D. Arthurs.
by Michael R. Baker
Reading Jesus's Bible: How the New Testament Helps Us Understand the Old Testament. By John Goldingay.
by Ron Lindo
Romans. By John D. Harvey. In Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament, edited by Andreas J. Köstenberger and Robert W. Yarbrough.
by Roland L. McMillan
The Spirit and the Lake of Fire: Pneumatology and Judgment. By Rustin Umstattd.
by Michael Kuykendall
The Temple and the Tabernacle: A Study of God's Dwelling Places from Genesis to Revelation. By J. Daniel Hays.
by Andrea L. Robinson
Theologies of the American Revivalists: From Whitefield to Finney. By Robert W. Caldwell III.
by Michael R. Baker
The Vulgarization of Christ's Church: Combating Progressivism's Damning Influence upon Christian Thinking and Preaching. By Ronnie W. Rogers.
by Adam L. Hughes