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JBTM 16.1 Spring 2019

Editorial Introduction (JBTM 16.1)
by Adam Harwood

The Role, Purpose, and Nature of Women according to Martin Luther
by Joe Early Jr.
The Spirit of Prophecy in the Pulpit: Reconsidering Preaching as a Form of Prophecy
by Benjamin B. Phillips
What Does it Mean to Grieve the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 4:30)?
by Joshua M. Greever
Neither Forsaken nor Estranged from God: Clarifying What May Rightly be Said about the Death of God in the Death of Christ
by Mark A. Snoeberger

Best Bible Books: New Testament Resources. By John Glynn. Edited by Michael H. Burer.
by Shaun Grunblatt
Christ and the Created Order: Perspectives from Theology, Philosophy, and Science. Edited by Andrew B. Torrance and Thomas H. McCall. Volume 2.
by Thomas G. Doughty Jr.
Christ From Beginning to End: How the Full Story of Scripture Reveals the Full Glory of Christ. By Trent Hunter and Stephen Wellum.
by Ron Lindo
The Christian Doctrine of Humanity: Explorations in Constructive Dogmatics. Edited by Oliver D. Crisp and Fred Sanders.
by Kirk R. MacGregor
Contemporary Theology: An Introduction: Classical, Evangelical, Philosophical & Global Perspectives. By Kirk R. MacGregor.
by Warren McWilliams
Dealing with Demons. By Charles H. Kraft.
by Adam Harwood
Free Will Revisited: A Respectful Response to Luther, Calvin, and Edwards. By Robert E. Picirilli.
by Steve W. Lemke
A New Testament Theology. By Craig L. Blomberg.
by Warren McWilliams
People are the Mission: How Churches Can Welcome Guests Without Compromising the Gospel. By Danny Franks.
by C. J. Moore
Reading Genesis Well: Navigating History, Poetry, Science, and Truth in Genesis 1–11. By C. John Collins.
by Ron Lindo